Xerver Free Web Server

Xerver Free Web Server 4.32

Xerver is an advanced free GNU GPL Web and FTP server

Xerver Free Web Server is a tiny fast web server allowing you to run CGI scripts on your computer. The Xerver package also includes a FTP server.

Xerver includes features such as: Run scripts (Perl, PHP etc. ), create aliases (virtual directories), allow / deny directory listing, create your own error pages ("404 Not Found"), allow / deny CGI-scripts, password protected folders, choose your own index file extensions, share / unshare hidden files or files with certain file extensions, share unlimited folders etc.

Xerver is a tiny, fast and free web server, but is still advanced and supports HTTP/0. 9, HTTP/1. 0, HTTP/1. 1 and all HTTP methods (GET, POST and HEAD).

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Xerver Free Web Server


Xerver Free Web Server 4.32

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  • by Anonymous

    Password folly.
    Cannot access server from any PC, including the host, when my shared directories are password pr...   More